What is a lace frontal wig?

What is a lace frontal wig?

Nature lace wig are a pleasing way to change the style and protect your natural hair, but with so many choices, styles and variations on the market, it is hard to determine which wig is right for you. If you are ready to explore the styling options of a lace front wig this handy guide is a good starting point.


  • What is lace frontal wig?

  • Why wear lace frontal wig?

  • How Does the Lace Front Wig Work?

  • Tips on Wearing Lace Front Wigs

These are the wigs that come with a small sheer lace at the front panels. This lace then has hair attached to it. It’s meant to give you a full look. The essence of the lace front wig is usually to give you a natural hairline look. Therefore, the front and back of the wig are different. In fact, they are only combined at the end of the installation process.

About the product

Lace size: 13x4 inches 13x6 inches

Hair Density: 130% 150% 180% Density

Hair Wave: Straight Hair Deep Curly Water Wave Body Wave

Hair From: Brazil India Malaysia Peru

Hair Grade: Remy Hair,Virgin Hair

Advantage: No smell, no shedding, no tangling, soft

Chemical process:100% Unprocessed

Suitable Dying Colors: All Colors

Lace Frontal Wig Hairstyles

1. Side parted burgundy bob

This bob wig is the best wig for someone to wear when wearing a lace front. It has a Burgundy color and can be added to the fragrance. You can separate it anytime, anywhere. But the separate side is great.

Make it have the tassel's front title. This is the density of the hair.

2. Lace front and high updo

This is the style used when wearing long weaves. Make it a high updo ponytail. Then take care of your baby hair to make it look more glamorous. Not only does it look professional, but it can also be used for other leisure functions.

3. Side swept bob

The wavy Bob style is what you feel when you're sideways, making it look like a side-swept. In addition, the hairstyle can display the face more.

4. Braided lace front

This style makes the front weaving look more realistic. Because you wear lace, they don't even know that you wear a wig unless someone is close to you. Therefore, it looks so natural.

Why wear lace frontal wig?


There are dozens of different wigs on the market today. Women wear wigs for a variety of reasons. Some people wear wigs to cover sparse hair, others lose their hair completely because of medical conditions, others want to beautify themselves by adding wigs, or want to get a hair that natural hair can't. Making choices on the right type of wig can be challenging and overwhelming.

The Lace Front wigs are a wig that you can trust under any circumstances. Since the hair is hand-stitched to the front of the lace, the overall feeling is that the hair grows out of the scalp. Genius to notice that you are wearing a wig outing. The lace is cut at the end without affecting the knot and then adhered to the surface. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can use the concealer to blend the edges with the complexion. Once completed, it is impossible to notice the beginning of the wig line, thus giving you a natural wig. That's why it is the best wig on the market today.

Benefits of using lace front wigs

1. Looks natural

The reason why we use the lace frontal wig is that it gives you a finished look with the perfectly created hairline at the front. Furthermore, the baby hairs look so natural. The secret is to pluck them well.

2. Cheap and affordable price

This is cheaper than buying a full lace wig. For most customers, this is an affordable option.

3. Versatility

You can use the lace front to create all the different styles you want. Although it is not as versatile as a full lace wig, it is also very effective.

4. Easy to Take On & Off

Even beginners can do this correctly with the correct instructions and videos on YouTube.

5. Durability

With proper care, they can last upward of six months to a year


How Does the Lace Front Wig Work?

1. Pull all the clean hair back. If possible, weave it. Continue to use the styling gel to lay it flat.

2. Wear a nude wig cap on your head. Continue to use a frozen spray for processing. Spray a layer on the lid and then dry it further using a blower.

3. Next, spray another layer and then completely dry it with a blower.

4. Subsequently, the rubber band was cut from the wig cap and then the frozen spray was sprayed again to fix it.

5. Then, you can use a foundation that blends perfectly with your skin. Apply it around the hairline. Then delete any excess foundation you may find.

6. Use a hot comb to melt the lace as it will make the glue smooth and stick to the proper position.


Tips on Wearing Lace Frontal Wigs

1. Check your wig

Before you wear, be sure to take the time to check all new lace front wigs. Check the smell and texture and check the fabric made. If you think there is any foreign matter, be sure to wash it before wearing it.

2. Remember to still care for your own hair

Remember to remove your wig weekly and give your own hair some tender loving care in the form of deep conditioning, scalp exfoliating and moisturizing. This ensures that your natural tresses stay loved, hydrated, moisturized and clean under your lace frontal wig.

3. Use the right glue

Although not all lace frontal wigs require glue, it is important to properly apply the glue when worn. There are adhesives for frontal lace wigs that are not safe for everyone. Also, if you plan to be in the water, the adhesive used will be different from the dry adhesive. Be sure to patch all glue before applying it thoroughly and be sure to always use a skin protectant before applying it.

4. Learn and practice gentle removal

On the Internet or in movies, it's interesting to take off the wig, but in fact, the lace frontal wig should be carefully removed when in use. Always use a debonding agent to soften the glue before attempting to remove the wig from the scalp. If you are experiencing resistance, don't worry, use more makeup remover and try again.


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