The History of Wigs

The History of Wigs

Wig, is to point to the artificial hair that does not grow naturally by the person,which can be divided into synthetic hair wigs and 100% human hair wigs, and it is worn because of different use. In Asia, wigs appeared very early, as mentioned many times in the Book of Songs in China. During the spring and autumn period (770-476 BC), wigs became popular in China. Traditional Japanese hairstyles are also often worn with wigs, and became popular in Korea during the Korean dynasty (918-1392). The ancient Egyptians in Africa, began to use wigs more than four thousand years ago, is the first nation to use the wigs and spread them to the Europe.


 In ancient Egypt, men had to shave their hair to wear wigs. Later, Romans, influenced by the Egyptians, also enjoyed wearing wigs. But the most impressive is the popularity of wigs in modern Europe. In France in the early seventeenth century, the reigning king, LouisXIII, was bald. To order to hide this defect, he began to wear shoulder length wigs. Just as the saying goes: What the superior favors will receive excessively enthusiastic responses from his subordinates. So at that time, the whole of France began to fashion this latest accessories. And France is the vane of European fashion statement, so the wig styles quickly are popular in the whole of Europe. In the middle ages in Europe, wigs were an essential item for aristocrats, standing for their high status.

                                         The first thing that many people think of when they hear is: only bald people need to wear wigs, or wear a colorful wig to a night club? We all know how important hairstyles are to a person's image, but it is not realistic to go to the salon every day if you want to match your hair every day for every outfit and occasion, or only to change your mood. However, if you have a wig, a stunning new look can be created in just a few minutes at home. So don't be surprised if you see a girl go from yesterday's BOB hairstyles to today's long wave. Lace wig is like a part of clothing, different occasions, different seasons.even in frontal of your lover, your hairstyle maybe make the image subversive.

A woman can do without perfume, but must find a hairstyle that suits her. There was a saying in the fashion world that a woman without perfume was like a woman without clothes. However, perhaps it is not beautiful even if you wear the clothes, while a good hairstyle, can improve the overall image of a woman.



One beautiful woman should be aware of your hairstyles and overall look! However, after all, hairstyles can’t be changed as your clothes at any time. In order to make perfect look, more and more women start to choose to wear wigs, which not only can be easy to change your hairstyle, but also can avoid damages by constantly dyed or permed. Contemporary vogue indicates that we can use various wigs to show your beauty. It is no doubt that a good wig will improve your image. Choose Queenlife Hair, Choose your beauty! 


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