How to tell whether your human hair is high quality?

How to tell whether your human hair is high quality?

Nowadays, lace wigs have slowly into people's lives along with the living standards improves, to become essential for every one of us. The wig has a very wide range of uses, regardless of men, women, and children, and the people who love beauty are fit for. Moreover, it plays an important role in our overall images. We will find when we wear one beautiful hairstyle, your whole look will more attractive. At this time, one human hair is required to meet your beauty needs. 

However, a variety of wigs in the market are uneven, causing it difficult to tell true and false,  such as synthetic hair, mixed hair, and human hair....we all know that the price of synthetic hair is low, while human Hair wigs price is a little bit higher. However, you should know: “you get what you pay for”, so you’d better not buy shoddy products! Here Queenlife Hair will tell you the most simple method of distinguishing real human hair and synthetic hair.


  • The Essential Test Ways
  • The Deeper Test Ways

The Essential Test Ways:

  1.  Randomly pick out one or two hairs to burn them with a lighter. the real human hair will turn into small black balls in case of fire, smelling the burnt protein. And the ashes can be twisted into powder; while the synthetic hair will turn into hard balls that are not easy to grate and have a smell of burning nylon. 
  2.   We can use a curling iron to heat and straighten them with the highest temperature to tell them. What has burnt flavor is synthetic hair, while what does not have is real human hair.
  3.  Identify human hair by observing its luster and touching it;
  • The luster of synthetic hair is very bright, while the real human hair is just what we see at daily life, not so shine as synthetic hair but be look more natural and real. 
  • Handle Evaluation! The real human hair will take you one smooth, soft and comfortable feeling when you touch it, while synthetic hair looks bright, but feel a bit hard, and there will be small de-tangle after long used!


The Deeper test:

The method of burning just can simply differentiate your wig is real person hair or synthetic hair. However, there often will have some unscrupulous producers to blend a few animal hairs, like horsetail, to real human hair, or mix the hair that collected from a barbershop fallen on the ground. Obviously, the method of burning is not a good way to distinguish true from false hair.

Definition: Remy hair must be the hair that took off the cuticle, and never be dyed and permed.

Many people ask why it is not better to keep the hair cuticle. Because in order to fix the hair roots on the hair net in the process of wig crochet, the locks of the hair are usually tied at the root of the hair net. And if there still are cuticle, it will be very easy to knot.

  1. Porosity test

      Can test the cuticle of the hair whether suffer damage.

  • What is hair porosity?  Hair porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture. Everyone has different hair porosity. when your hair is permeable, its ability of porosity will increase. When exposed in the sun, the hair color is not even, we can judge basically the hair is the hair fallen in the ground.
  • What is the difference between permeable hair and non-permeable hair? The cuticle of the hair that does not have permeability flats on the hair shafts when exposed to the light, it can reflect the light averagely, making the hair looks shiny. And when combing, this kind of hair is not  easy to get damage. permeable hair is the light can penetrate but can’t reflect because of its open cuticle, resulting in the lackluster look. This kind of hair can quickly absorb.The hair absorbs the stain, to make a chemical reaction go on quickly. Generally speaking, there are the factors that cause the hair to suffer damage to make it have permeability, one is the harm of chemical medicine, such as the too much dye, perm, bleach hair. One if the natural harm, such as wind erosion, sunshine irradiates, too closely hair dryer.....  in addition, excessive combing or backcombing, will make cuticle open and damaging it!
  • Test method: Take one small bundles hair to pull tightly it, then touch it along the hair shaft with a finger from hair root to tip. If there is a rough feel, it proves the hair has permeability. However, Need to note that different parts of the hair have different porosity, so it is necessary to have a test for different parts of the hair.

 2. Elasticity Test

  • What is the elasticity of hair? It refers to the ability of hair to regain the original length after being elongated and straightened. Healthy hair can be lengthened to one-third of its original length. And its elasticity will increase when wet. However, If the cuticle of the hair is damaged, then it has the permeability, resulting in the reduction of the elasticity of the hair.

Human hair elasticity test

  • Test method: Hold one hair and gently pull it to test how long it can stretch and the ability to regaining . in general, the damage and inelastic hair will not stand up to pulling and will break easily.

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