Queen Life Shipping

In order to send you the goods more quickly, we usually ship from XuChang warehouse. According to the distance from your destination, we will develop the best postage policy and do our best to let you spend the least fee.
shipping map
Carriers we work with:


Shipping Fees Table:

Country Shipping Free Fast Shipping
United States Free(3-7Days) $6 (2-5Days)
Canada Free(3-7Days) $8.8(2-5Days)
Mexico Free(3-7Days) $8.8(2-5Days)
Europe Free(3-15Days) $8.8(2-5Days)
Australia Free(5-10Days) $8.8(2-5Days)
Africa Free(6-10Days) $11.99(2-6Days)
Rest of World Free(6-10Days) $11.99(2-6Days)