How to Take Care of Wigs?

How to Take Care of Wigs?

We've been enjoying being about that lace wig life and experimenting with different hairstyles. However, there is often a misunderstanding that wigs needless work and maintenance than our natural hair, in fact, I discovered first hand that this is far from reality. So if you are looking for some tips about how to take care of wigs so that it can keep longer then you've come to the right place.

These things you should know:

How to wash wigs?

  1. Regularly wash your hair. if you often wear your wigs, the best time is to wash it is once every 1-2 weeks. In the process, you'd better use the warm water or cold water, don't use hot water, which will destroy the quality of wigs. Moreover, don't soak your wigs for a too long time!
  2. Use the hair conditioner. During the washing process, be sure not to rub it with your hands! and if your wigs are a tangle, the hair conditioner will help you solve it well, gently combing it with your fingers. Even the conditioner can make your hair become smoother and shinier.                                                                                                                                                          
  3.  Use the wide-teeth brush! As we all know, we can't pull the wigs too hard to prevent hair loss. Meanwhile, it's the best choice to clean the dust on the head with the wide-tooth brush. The purpose is to avoid hair loss!)of course, it will be better to use the special comb for wigs.
  4.  Naturally dry. Excessive heat will make the hair become dry, dull, split and crack. So after washing the wigs, you'd better make it naturally dry instead of using the hairdryer.

How to store wigs? 

  1. Use a mannequin head. If you often wear wigs, don't leave it anywhere! The best way is to put it on a mannequin head, which not only can keep its style well, but also is convenient for your next use.
  2. Store it in a plastic bag. If you don't wear it for a long time. what you should do is put it into a plastic bag instead of exposing it in the air, which is easier to have dust and tangle. What's more, you can not press it when you store, and if the hair is long, you'd better put it along one side.


How to condition hair?

  1.  Don't comb your curls with a brush. Don't use the brush to comb it for the curly hair, especially the closed-teethed brush., which will be very easier to make its curls straight. It is ok to do gently with the hand directly.
  2.  Use the wet towels to rescue your hair that has not been straight. What will you if you find your hair suddenly has not been straight one day? Never use your hands to pull it, easier to cause hair loss. In fact, in addition to the straightener, you also can cover the wigs with wet towels, then you will be surprised to find it become straight after drying naturally.                                                       
  3. Care your wigs with non-oily maintenance liquid! Many people find their wigs are not as natural and shine as they were when were bought first. As a matter of fact, you can spray some non-oily maintenance liquid before wearing it. which not only can prevent static electricity, but also can maintain its luster.

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