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How to make your lace front wig look natural

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The main reason for ladies wearing lace front wigs is to improve their confidence and beauty by changing their hairstyles. Dairy wigs have become a fashion trend, as beautiful as their own natural hair. There are many types of lace wigs on the market, but the biggest challenge for most women is how to make them look natural and beautiful. This is a matter of general concern. Next, let's discuss some tips on how to make a lace front wig look natural.

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How to choose a high-quality wig?

How to put on and style a human hair wig?

DTY natural hairline

How do you maintain your human hair wigs

How to wash a human hair wig?

How to choose a high-quality wig?

If you have enough money, I highly recommend choosing the best quality virgin wig. Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, also known as Pure virgin hair, it has to be 100% pure. Virgin hair/ Which types of human hair is the best? Quality will affect the natural appearance, including touch, quality grade, materials, lace used, human hair grade used, etc. A high-quality human hair lace front wig will improve vision, and the stitching effect is much more natural than an untidy and inferior lace front wig.

Choose the right hairstyles

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Choose a lace wig that fits your face

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If we have our own natural long hair and high-quality human hair, we want to style it to make it more suitable for our face shape. In this way, our overall image will be improved and we will become more and more confident when we meet with others. Choosing a lace front wig that fits your face shape can also improve the natural feel.

Round face: You must have a complete face. The hairstyle that suits you should be a layered long lace front wig, a cute curly short lace front wig, and a human-shaped lace front wig. These wigs can balance your face shape and create a new natural soft look.

pear-shaped face: You should wear a lace front wig with a fringe and a lace front bob wig. These affordable lace front wigs can make your chin round.

Square face: Then you should choose a lace wig similar to that of a woman with a round face. The pre-layered long lace front wig, the short lace front wig with cute curly hair and the lace front wig with bangs should be your right choice.

Oval face: They can easily choose the right 100% human hair lace front wig. Whether you choose human hair lace front, straight hair lace front, curly lace front hair or other reasonable lace front hair, you can fit all kinds of human hair lace front hair well.

Choose the right size

wig size

There is nothing worse than a wig that doesn't fit your head. If the wig is too large, it may move or misplace. If the part on the hair does not match the part on the head correctly, it makes the wig look unnatural. Of course, if you find that the device's head is too tight, it can cause edges to fall off and damage natural curls and wigs.

Choose the right color

Consider choosing a wig that matches skin tones. Choose dark hair for dark skin and light hair for light skin. If you want to look natural, you can choose some common colors.

How to put on and style a human hair wig?

You can look for a professional stylist to trim the wig to make it look suitable for your face shape. Alternatively, you can watch the video and try it yourself. This move will not only give you a unique glamorous look, but it will also make your wig look more natural. You need to determine the best position to wear a lace wig on your head. Actually, the best place is near your own natural hairline.

DTY natural hairline

natural hairline

Use a toothbrush or comb to expose some baby hair from the wig and use them to cover any visible lace edges.

Most celebrities, influential people, and hair stylists will trim and trim the hairline of the wig and create artificial baby hair that makes the wig look natural and seamless. You can try the process at home with some practice, and thankfully, there are many videos on YouTube that show how to DIY naturally hairline.

Adding makeup powder


Get your angle brush and dip it into some of the powder. Next, put your hand in one side of the wig to just hold it down, hold it taut. And then you get your powder and apply it. You can finish when you see it is enough, it looks like your scalp. Your wig will look more like your bio hair than being flat to your head. 

Wear accessories

You can decorate the wig as you like. Braid, curl or groom your hair, and use some beautiful hair clips and cable ties to secure your hair. Regardless of the type of wig, we can try this technique to make your wig look more natural.

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How do you maintain your human hair wigs

Although the wig is made of human hair, which means it looks stronger than synthetic hair, it does not absorb oil and vitamins from the scalp like natural hair, so that the hair changes after stereotypes and daily life. Young. So here are some tips and tricks to keep your wigs in top shape.

1. Wash your wig(s) with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

Your own hair will benefit from the oil produced by the scalp, but wigs have no natural source of moisture, so you should avoid using products that contain irritating detergents to clean your wigs. This is the source of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners: they act as a mild cleanser so you don't damage your hair's integrity.

2. Remove Your Wig After Six Weeks

Lace front also has a valid period! Six weeks is just a guideline, and the longest time depends on the adhesive you use. Some glue is for short-term use only. Once the six-week time has elapsed, it is time to remove the wig and give the hair the nutrients it needs through thorough cleansing, deep conditioning and moisturizing.

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How to wash a human hair wig?

First of all, human hair wigs are expensive but definitely worth it. Since they are made of real hair, they are more elastic in terms of straightening, curling and dying than wigs made of synthetic fibers. Just like artificial wigs, human wigs also need to be cleaned regularly. However, due to their level of sophistication, you need to be extra careful.

Blog: How to wash a human hair wig?

In Summary

Follow these tips to make your wig look natural and you will get the best results. Treat wigs like natural hair. Take care of your hair and take care of it to make it beautiful and long-lasting.

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