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How To Maintain a Deep Wave?

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Are you tired of your rigid hairstyle? Do you want to increase the length and volume? If the answer is yes, then Brazilian deep waves will be a viable option.

But do you know how to care for the Brazilian deep wave? How to make hair longer? As we all know, we have invested heavily in Brazilian hair. With proper care, we can make hair durable and save money. But many friends and customers told me that they didn't know how to care for their thick curly hair. Here are some tips to help you maintain deep hair.

How To Maintain a Deep Wave?


What is Deep Weave?

What is the benefit of the Brazilian deep wave?  

Why should we take care of our Brazilian deep wave?  

How to maintain deep wave hair bundles?  

What is Deep Weave?

Deep Weave hair texture flows are smooth waves but they are much deeper than body wave and that results in tighter curls. It is a great texture that looks really luxurious and boosts your hair. Again, proper maintenance is paramount. But if you want to just add to your natural curls, deep wave extension can really make a difference and add to the length and thickness of your curls.

What is the benefit of the Brazilian deep wave?  

With its shiny look, Brazilian hair is soft to the touch and comes out there in numerous unsmooth designs. The hair will hold curls well and is soft and swish. You don't need many bundles to achieve a full look with this hair due to its density, and it is less likely to frizz than other hair types. Brazilian curly hair tends to keep curls well and usually keeps curls for a longer period of time.

Usually, this type of hair is relatively fluffy and does not flatter your face. It may seem a little difficult to maintain its style all the time, so much so that you may need some way to maintain its style.

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QueenLife Hair has a deep wave that is smooth, shiny, and extremely luxurious. After installation, our hair has a perfectly natural look and feel.

Why should we take care of our Brazilian deep wave?  

For many women, beautiful wigs don't just bring good luck. And it pays for work, care and cherishes. It represents a woman's unique style and character and her health. How a woman wears hair on a particular day can change how she feels about herself and how she is perceived by others. That's why you have to make sure your virgin hair extensions are always vibrant.

How to maintain deep wave hair bundles?  

Black women are especially important to show their beauty by wearing wigs. Whether it's deep wavy curls or curly hair, they take care of their own hair. Generally, Brazilian hair can last 1 or 2 years depending on how well you care for your hair.

Bleaching and Dyeing 

Our wigs can be bleached or dyed to almost any color. However, we recommend that customers go to a professional hairstylist to properly bleach or dye their hair. Although professional bleaching is important for all styles, the more important braided curls are, the more important it is to follow this advice. This is because curly hair has been textured and bleaching has caused the hair to undergo another round of treatment, which can cause injury if not treated properly.

Washing Deep Wave Hair 

When washing your hair, be sure to comb it with your finger comb first to ensure that the hair bundles flow as freely as possible. This allows you to get proper shampoo without tangling your hair. Pre-treat before shampooing as it reduces the amount of dryness.

How to wash a human hair wig

Brushing Deep Wave Styles

We do not recommend that you brush your Deep Wave Brazilian Hair, even with a paddle brush. This is because the curls will be unwound through brushing. Instead, please use a wide-tooth finger comb to manage and style the hair. As with all styles, when brushing your Brazilian Deep Wave lace closure, always start from the tips of the hair, gently working your way up towards the roots. Please avoid combing your hair with fine-tooth combs.

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Sleep Care

When going to sleep, tie your Deep Wave Brazilian Hair into a single twist and cover it with a satin cap.

1. Treat the wig like your own hair. Proper care will extend the life of your wig.

2. Do not heat at high temperatures. This will relax or eliminate curl completely.

3. After washing, first, dry with a clean towel, but do not use a hairdryer, because when the hair is wet, the epidermis of the hair is open, and it is easy to break the hair when it is blow-dried.

4. Then let it dry naturally in the air until no water drops, but it is not completely dry, put some hair oil on the palm of your hand, and rub it onto your hair.

5. It is usually necessary to keep the waves and curls better and better from beginning to end, and the waves and curls will become more beautiful. While applying your hair, you can also curl your hair evenly with your hands.

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