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Body Wave vs Loose Wave, which hair to choose?

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There are many styles of virgin wave hair in Brazil, such as body waves, loose waves, natural waves, deep waves, etc. When buying Brazilian wave hair braid from, customers will face multiple choices. Which one would be better confused? Which one is best for me? So it is necessary to understand the difference between body wave and Brazilian loose wave hair. In this blog, we will show you the differences between them.

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What is a Body wave?

What is a Loose wave?

What’s The Difference Between Loose Wave VS Body Wave?

Loose Wave VS Body Wave, which one is better?

When creating body waves, you can use Brazilian original hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair, and sweet Brazilian body waves. Each hair type has its own characteristics. Customers can choose their favorite hair texture and make it match their own. Hair texture blends well. But the best quality, the best selling is the Brazilian wave.

body wave

Virgin Brazilian Hair 

We often say that Brazilian virgin hair is derived from the Brazilian region. This primitive hair is thick, soft, and naturally wavy. Brazilian hair has a shiny appearance, is soft to the touch, and comes in a variety of texture styles to choose from. In addition, it is very popular and hot on the market due to its versatility. It blends a variety of hair types, is silky and has a healthy and natural shine. But there are light waves in the straight texture pattern. Hair stays curly well and soft and smooth.

What is a Body wave?

Hair type: wig    hair bundles   bundles with closure bundles with frontal

Hair Grade: Virgin hair  Remy hair  human hair

Hair from: Brazil India Malaysia Peru

body wave

Has a consistent deep "S" pattern

When the manufacturer deals with Brazilian hair throughout the hair, the result is a consistent deep "S" pattern throughout the hair, and Brazilian virgin hair often also has a shiny feel and appearance. The Brazilian body wave extension is not so straight, but it is not too curly, it can be said that it is a bit wavy.

No special hair care

This type of hair is soft and smooth and can last longer with proper care. No special hair care is required. Usually, wavy hair on the body can go with any outfit.

body wave

Most sought after in the market

Brazilian hair is arguably the most sought-after hair in the market and is usually collected from donors in South America. Brazilian hair is sure to bring many benefits, but other types of hair are not.

Suitable for any face shape

Silky, sparkling and hairstyle is a hairstyle that can make any face flattering. A smooth, free-flowing Brazilian hair braid should be on your hair products purchase list as it can provide simple, stylish hairstyles.

What is a Loose wave?

Hair type: hair bundles bundles with closure bundles with frontal

Hair Grade: Virgin hair  Remy hair human hair

Hair from: Brazil India Malaysia Peru

loose wave

Excessive gloss and very luxurious

The Brazilian emission is very luxurious due to its excessive gloss. Its gloss ranges from high to medium. After washing the hair, the slackness of the wavy hair decreases in gloss and returns to a more natural look and gloss.

More curly

A loose wave extension simply means that the curly pattern of the hair is more curly than the body wave extension.

loose wave

A personalized look

Brazilian Remy hair looks beautiful and is very easy to manage. Brazilian hair tress can be safely dried and dyed for a personalized look.

Hair is not tangled or broken easily

Brazilian hair bundles make you naturally plump from top to bottom, and can be matched with your own hair without breaking your hair and annoying you.

What is the difference, Loose wave vs body wave?

1. Loose waves have a larger volume than body waves. Loose waves are best for people who want elasticity and full appearance.

2. Loose waves are more curly than body waves. The decision between the two would be whether you are looking for hair that is more on the curlier side or on the straight hair side. It depends on personal preference.

3. Loose waves last longer in Brazil than body waves. Over time, body waves will become more straight, and if you are going to curl, we recommend that you use rollers instead of heating on Brazilian virgin body waves.

4. Loose waves look and feel like their names suggest, but body waves are closer. The hair bundles are tightly bound together, thus making them less elastic than hair emission.

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Which one is better, Loose Wave VS Body Wave?

If you need thicker and coarser, then the braided body wave is best for you.

If you need soft and soft curls, then the body wave of Malaysian hair will be your best choice.

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